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Trust and Probate Litigation

The role of trustee is a very serious undertaking. Once someone is named a trustee of a certain trust, they owe the duties of honesty and loyalty to the beneficiaries of that trust. When the trustee fails to satisfy any of those duties, the trustee may be held personally liable for such failure. This firm represents beneficiaries and trustees in litigation related to disputes involving trust administration, such as the failure to make proper and timely distributions, self-dealing, creditor claims, failure to pay beneficiaries, failure to accurately determine the value of assets, improper investments, and excessive trustee compensation.

Estate Planning

This firm guides clients through this complex legal area that requires expertise in business succession, taxation, real estate, and other related legal issues. Barry has extensive experience in all these areas, providing a full range of services including: Trusts, Wills, Probate and Trust Administration, Elder Law, Conservatorships, and Guardianships.


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Mediation is an alternative to litigation in court and trial. Often times mediation is a superior path to take as opposed to litigation in court. Mediation is a flexible, confidential process where the parties can meet with a neutral who helps facilitate communication and a possible resolution that the parties control. The parties have a great deal of control in crafting a resolution that suits their individual needs. As a trial attorney who has completed additional mediation continuing legal education and with mediation experience, Barry is well-versed in mediating many issues and particular enjoys bringing litigants to resolutions outside of court.

Campaign Finance and Election Law

Barry also represents clients in election law issues, including matters related to campaign finance, general and recall elections, and ballot initiatives . Barry has been very involved in Republican politics. He is the former Treasurer for the Nevada County Republican Central Committee and a current member of the Republican National Lawyers Association.